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WE’RE A GO! The KALCAL is officially ON! First and foremost, your winners are…

For the knitters, SUBURBAN WRAP, by Joji Locatelli!


And for the crocheters, SECRET PATHS, by Johanna Lindahl!


I am SO excited about your choices! Speaking as a knitter, I’ve wanted to knit Suburban Wrap for a while now, and I can’t wait to do it with all ya’ll! Crocheters, the love for Secret Paths was overwhelming! I’m so glad you guys like the pattern.


  • The KALCAL starts RIGHT NOW! Find your yarn, post it on Instagram, in the Ravelry thread in our group, or on the Tricot Facebook page, all using the hashtag #TricotKALCAL. There is no time limit on finding and posting your yarn—I’m hoping some of you will decide to utilize our stockists (check the last blog post here for info!!) and I know that those picks will need to be shipped.

    • BONUS! If you use yarns from Tricot’s future stockists (plus a couple others that I’ll add to the KALCAL Yarn blog that we’re hoping to stock in the future), you can have your name entered an EXTRA time in the prize drawing! You just have to post your yarn choices on social media, tag it with #TricotKALCAL, and have the brand name visible. You’ll have an extra chance to win a prize when the KALCAL ends! And you’ll get to use some FABULOUS yarn. :)

  • The KALCAL will culminate with Tricot’s grand opening! This does not have an official date yet, but can be expected somewhere around May-July of 2019. I’ll keep you updated! Fear not, for as soon as we have a date set, you all will know ASAP! This is going to be something of a ‘rolling’ KALCAL—it’s a little longer than usual, but that gives everyone time to knit/crochet at their own speed and for new followers to join in.

And that’s it! Those are the only parameters. Feel free to comment or message me on any of my social media platforms if you have questions. Post a picture of your finished shawl with the hashtag #TricotKALCAL by midnight on the day of Tricot’s grand opening (TBD), and you’ll be entered to win a prize! Post your progress along the way with the hashtag so we can all see how everyone’s doing. But for now, FIND THAT YARN!


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