A home for fiber artists.

Now Open!

WOW. I cannot believe we’re actually OPEN! It’s been almost exactly a year since I started work on Tricot, and it feels like an eternity. So much work and planning (not to mention $$) has gone into this wonderful place, and I am SO happy with where we landed. Meeting all of you Friday and Saturday was a dream. Everyone was so kind, supportive, and excited. I’m still new to Waco, but the fiber arts community here has already proven to be overwhelmingly nice and welcoming.

I had several people inquire about coming to the store to hang out or even to use it for group meetups, and the answer to all of you is YES! Tricot was not created to just be a place to buy yarn and supplies—almost more than that, it’s supposed to be a place to hang out, bring your friends, and be comfortable. There’s a reason I’ve got a coffee/tea bar with all the fixings—I want you to hang out for a while!

I may be biased, but our customers are THE BEST. Some of you literally camped out waiting for us to open!! I cannot even explain the joy of making my first sale (thanks, Michelle!!) or of meeting people who say they have been saving their money to buy locally from me. What a community!

But perhaps the most incredible development from the weekend was that my very own mother…Miss I-Will-Die-Before-I-Learn-To-Knit…after half a day in Tricot…asked me to teach her to knit!! I started her off on needles and yarn of let’s just say…questionable quality, assuming she couldn’t possibly stick with it. But when she worked on her first swatch all day and finally asked for a real project, how could I say no? Now she’s working on a simple stockinette stitch cowl and doing SO WELL. Tricot is truly magical, ya’ll.

Check out what some of our customers had to say on social media…my heart is full!!